Being in relationship with yourself can be Hard;

being in relationship with others is even Harder. 

Relationships provide a great opportunity for growth, and they can be great places to get hurt. Why? Because in intimacy we are more vulnerable. Over time it is easy to get into unconscious patterns of interacting that can be deeply unsatisfying. Becoming aware of these patterns and underlying wounds can enhance empathy and deepen connections. 

I offer couples counseling to work through specific issues, life transitions, or to enhance communication, connection and intimacy. All types of relationships are celebrated. My practice is LGBTQ, Kink, Poly aware and friendly. Non-romantic relationships are also welcome such as family members, friends, roommates, or business partners, because all relationships take work, and can be opportunities for growth. 

Your relationship is uniquely yours

but here are some

Major Themes We May ExplorE in Session:

                Reproduction of  La Unidad , Guyasamin 

Attachment Styles

Communication Patterns

Triggers and Self Resourcing Tools

Personal and Ancestral Wounding





Recurring Conflicts

Life Transitions


Financial Differences

Substance Use



I offer a limited number of sliding scale spots. Inquiries are welcome. 
I do not currently accept insurance but am happy to provide proof of payment to be submitted.


It is important for the continuity of therapy that you come to all sessions. Since your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you, I hold a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cannot attend, please give me, at minimum, 48 hours notice or you will be charged the full fee of the session.